My Ex-Wife Is Worse Than A Murderer -Ghanaian Comedian, Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has revealed that he messed up when he allowed the natural assets of his ex-wife form the foundation his marriage to his wife, Elisabeth Adjoa Ntim .

 The actor revealed , though the world has heard stories of his ex-wife sleeping around with different men even his friends , that, it is not the biggest sin she has committed. He went as far as saying a tracker he installed in her car helped him revealed that she committed more than thirty six unforgiveable and unprintable sins.

“My marriage was a useless mistake,” he began, “I didn’t do my homework well before marrying her,” he said, adding that: “Big buttocks and a** and hips pushed me into marrying her.”

According to him, his ex-wife’s sins forced him to “almost commit suicide but the gun wouldn’t shoot” when he pulled the trigger.

“What I’ve been through is worse than killing… I’ve moved on, but I’m hurt because of the lies people are peddling about me,” he said.

Thankfully the young man has moved on and has a new relationship and shared what he learnt from his pass mistakes that made him feel he is on a right journey now,

“I saw before I saw her buttocks”. He said “her vision, simplicity, what she wants to do in life and her love for kids” made him choose her.

Here is wishing him the best in marriage in life and marriage from

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