Reasons Why Social Media Is Crashing Celebrity Marriages

The word social media is a phrase we throw around a lot these days. A word we often use to describe what we post on apps and sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and the likes. It is a form of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other contents.


As simple as social media may sound and as highly beneficial as it is, we cannot take out the fact that it has also caused a lot of havoc in the society, specially with celebrities. A lot of people who are active on the various social media platform are guilty of exposing their personal lives on social media, and the ‘sharks’ (bloggers especially) are happy to help you go viral.

Celebrities on the other hand, who are already in the spotlight, sometimes fail to know the limits of what to upload and fall into the trap of posting all of the good, the bad and the ugly things that happen to them. No wonder they are always at the receiving end of harsh insults been hurled at them even from the fans they intended to please.

A random person who loses his/her marriage to infidelity, domestic abuse or other marital issues may escape the attention of social media trolls or even gain sympathy they seek from their audience. But a celebrity who falls victim of this same ordeal, rather than attract sympathy, attracts mixed reactions from their fans. Celeb Police takes a peep into some of the reasons why social media has an adverse effect on celebrity marriages.

1. Mirror Of The Society

In this digital era, it is not difficult to find information about celebrities, no matter how personal or secretive they want to be, thanks to blogs, gossip columns and traditional newspapers. Because they are the mirror of the society, they suffer a lot of humiliation and disgrace when their marriages, life or career falls apart. The public look up to these guys to learn one or two things about relationship/marriage because they are seen as mirrors in the society and so when they fail, the social media do no fail to judge their failures and mistakes forgetting that these guys are also humans.

2. Unnecessary Social Media Flaunts

.Celebrities should learn to to keep their marriages, wealth, achievements, acquisitions and family from the prying eyes of the public or they’ll always be a target to the audience to spread baseless rumours about them. They should also learn to separate their private home lives from the public life. Mercy Johnson, Omotola Jalade and D’banj are some of the celebrities who have been able to keep their private home affairs out of the eyes of the public

3. Using The Social Media As Counselling Tool

It’s normal to have issues in marriage as long as you find a way to settle it without the third party interfering. Third party here, refers to the social media and this what most celebrities do with the excuse of ‘crying out loud for help’. Bloggers are always happy to escalate a celebrity gist, so whatever the celebrity said or did not say about their marriage is rephrased to give it more weight. When a celebrity comes to the social media to rant about a partner who cheats, abuses domestically, and all sorts of crazy and annoying attitudes, such a celeb has already put his/her marriage under the spotlight and open to all sorts of opinions which end up making possible reconciliation difficult. For instance, celebs like Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Aigbe whose marriages recently crashed may have easily reconciled if they had not washed their dirty linens in the public. We do not dispute the fact that it could be true or untrue that their spouses abused them domestically, but there were better ways they could have gone about such issues.

Another celebrity who almost lost her home to alleged infidelity accusations was Tiwa Savage, however, we believe that Tiwa and her husband Tee Billz were smart enough to stop all their rantings and accusations on social media and this really helped their process of reconciliation.

We strongly recommend that other celebrities should take a privacy lessons from Mercy Johnson or Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.

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