Good News Sadiq Daba Will Not Go For Surgeries Again but with Drug Treatment

Veteran broadcaster and actor Sodiq Daba is in the UK and doing very well as UK Doctors have ruled out the diagnosis of Nigerian doctors on his prostate cancer

The Veteran had been diagnosed with a prostate cancer that spread to other parts of his organ, this had pushed the actor out to solicit for funds from Nigerians since the doctors had said he would be needing a surgery abroad.


With the help of Dr Joe Odumakin, Nigerians had risen to the help of the veteran and as much as close to 20 Million had been raised for traveling expenses and treatment.


Ironically, the actor had been shocked with new diagnosis which ruled out the diagnosis of the Nigerian doctors.

Surgery has since been ruled out as Sodiq Daba is presently undergoing treatment with drugs!


The elated Daba sent in his appreciation to Nigerians for saving his life, he happily sent in photos from the UK hospital where he is still being closely monitored and treated.



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