Why My Church Members Call Me Bad Machine-Actress Lilian Larkai

Dead gorgeous Ghanaian actress, Lilian Larkai a. k. a Bad Machine, is one pack of beauty, blessed with a body to die for and a pretty face that many wish to have.

Though she says she doesn’t have to flaunt or engage in acts like tweaking on line to make people notice how hot she is because it is too obvious she however decided to share how her body shape led to her alias of Bad Machine.

“Bad Machine’ is a name given to me by my Nigerian friend and another Ghanaian guy in my church. The Ghanaian male friend called me “Machine’ anytime he sees me because of my body.

So, one day I was talking to that Nigerian friend of mine and the Ghanaian guy started calling me ‘Machine” and the Nigerian friend said, “Chai this Machine is Bad”.

Since then, they started calling me Bad Machine and almost everyone in my church started calling me Bad Machine,” she said “Oh yeah, maybe it’s because I know the meaning is not anything bad. To me is like a slang for sexy. It’s actually a slang.

It is like saying Charlie, the show was bad which also means Charlie the show was good. Bad Machine is a slang for nice body,” She explains.


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