How Father’s Death Helped My Acting Career –Norbert Young

At the mention of the name, Norbert Young, the image that pops up in the heart of watchers and practitioners of Nollywood; is that of a true professional who is not scared of speaking against mediocrity in the Nigerian music industry without caring whose aux is gourd.

 The University of Benin graduate is as it again calling out cinema owners that they are trying to kill Nollywood again before its full recovery from unprofessionalism and piracy.

The star of Check Mate, said Nollywood is growing in all ramifications but cinema owner are beginning to become a problem in the industry
“I am glad at the way Nollywood is growing The marketers or traders are longer in charge , the light, the sound, the picture to the acting; that I always quarreled about are all getting better because the new set of talents that are making things happen in the industry, majority of them are well trained both home and abroad.

“The danger now is coming from the cinema owners…” how? “Today the cinema owners have begun a very dangerous trend by telling producers that it is only comedy movies that are patronize by movie goers, they by forcing producers to work on only comedy movie and this is not healthy for the industry it is just like returning to the days were marketers use to ban actors and decide what kind of movies we should produce; this is not good at all we should put a stop to this now.”

How can ths problem be solved before it becomes an albatross to the development of Nigeria’s movie industry. “On the part of movie producer, attention should be paid to creating and exploring good story ideas that will birth a scrip with a lot of cliff hangers and suspense, then people will rush to watch your movie. On the part of Cinema owners they should keep their door open to all forms of movie.”

The thespian also revealed a major incident that helped him achieve his dream of studying theatre art. “my father wanted me to study engineering, but he passed on early in life and that gave me room to study theatre art.” He concluded.

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