I Am The Last Hope Of Anambra State – Yul Edochie

As the realities of Anambra State Governorship election begin to dawn on every indigene of Anambra State, the intrigues and lies of Politic have begun to manifest; and it seems our dear actor have been told that he lacks political experience and the actor is seriously mad at such comments that he has taken to social media to reach out to elderly politicians accusing them of bringing Nigeria to it deplorable state.

 He said the problems of Anambra State has come to an end so long as he is elected as governor.

Here is what Edochie had to say “They say I have no political experience, that I have never held any political office in the past, I agree. But I ask them, the ones with political experience where have they gotten us to?

The ones with so much political experience are the ones who loot our state money on a daily basis leaving the youths, the people to suffer and die in poverty, the ones with political experience are the reason why our county is in recession today, the ones with political experience are the same ones who arm the youths with guns, turn them to thugs making them kill each other while their own children school abroad, the ones with so much political experience are the reason why fuel is sold for 145 naira per litre and one dollar exchanges for 360 naira today, the ones with political experience do not care about the people, they care only about themselves, enrichings themselves with our money at the expense of the poor people, leaving the people to wallow in misery, poverty, hardship, suffering.

So I ask my people, do we still need those with so much political experience? The answer is NO.

We need good people with good hearts. Credible people, names that can be trusted, young, vibrant, intelligent and decisive, people who care about the masses and will not rest until the problems of the people are solved. I am one of such people.

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