How Sex Deprived Me Of Four Movie Roles – Juliet Patrick Odigwe

Juliet Patrick Odigwe , is a raising starlet in Nollywood who little or nothing is known of her until she dared to talk about the sensitive issue of sex for role.

 The pretty faced actress revealed that and unnamed production manager in Owerri , the Imo State capital, approached her that he will give her six movie roles that will propel her to stardom but in turn she will sleep with him and offer the unnamed production manager six rounds of good.

Our aspiring star said she refused the offer but gave the gentleman another proposal that says if he makes her a star she will take him for shopping. A deal was reach and she was offered two roles but the guy returned to sexual demands and she refused a again, a decision that caused her to lose the other four roles.


Odigwe did not tell us the title of the two movies she featured in but remembered to state that not every upcoming talent is willing to sleep her way to the top, even reveling the antics producers, directors and marketers adapt to deceive girls to sleep with them.

Juliets account of the incident goes does “A production manager I met in Owerri came to me and said: ‘Babe, you are so good. “I’ll give you six good jobs that can blow you to stardom, but after the six jobs, all I need from you are six good rounds of sex in return’. I gave him an outright ‘no’. “I told him I could only take him for shopping when he makes me a star.

“However, it didn’t end well. Although, he got me two good jobs, I kept reminding him that I could only take him out for shopping. He was pissed off and that was the end of the matter. He stopped calling me for jobs.” Juliet, a graduate of Linguistics, added, “Some producers won’t come straight to ask you for sex, they will begin by telling you how they love you, how they want to marry you and all kinds of love stories just to get into your pants.

“It has not really been easy for me but once one is good, then it’s not really that difficult to hit stardom. “Some up and coming actresses actually throw themselves easily and cheaply at these producers, directors and marketers, so they think everybody is the same. “If you complain too much, they de-cast you in a twinkle of an eye, telling you there are a thousand and one girls ready to pay huge amount for the role you just got free.

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