Things That Attracts Me To A Guy–Actress Adunni

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade reveals to us five things that turns her on about her guy, or nicely put, what attracts her in a guy.

Of course, this is something almost all females have, but sometimes we try to shy from it, trying our best to not admit that we have things that attract us in a guy because it probably makes us sound vain, well, not Adunni Ade.

The actress spoke to us as confident as possible and these are the things we found out;

She likes them good looking: Although Adunni Ade accepts the fact that looks aren’t everything, but really, try to look good enough to come to her, but if not, that is just fine, just that she won’t look at you. So make the effort, look as good and clean as you can for Adunni Ade’s attention.

She likes the good set of teeth: Yes o, the actress revealed to us that you have to have a good smile, going further to tell us that you have to have a good set of teeth. Bottom line is that your smile has to be contagious enough for her to say “damn boy!” and smile back… if your teeth are crooked and your smile can’t disarm, you’ve got to scoot away, you’re not the guy!


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