OJ Simpson Granted Parole, To Be Free From Prison October

Hall of Fame footballer, Orenthal James Simpson has been granted parole by the Nevada State Parole board after spending 9 years in prison, on a robbery conviction he bagged in 2007.

O.J Simpson expressed remorse for his crimes and took full responsibility for his actions.

Offered the chance to make a statement, Simpson apologized. “I’ve come here and spent nine years making no excuses about anything. I am sorry things turned out the way they did. … I tell inmates all the time ‘Don’t complain about your grind. Do your time.’ … I believe in the jury system. I will honor the decision. … I have done my time and I’d like to get back to my friends. And believe it or not I do have some friends. I don’t think anyone could have honored this institution better. … I’m sorry it happened.”

O.J will be granted conditional parole sometime in the month of October.

Simpson attained notoriety in 1994 after his wife and a friend were murdered in their family home, and all evidence pointed towards him. He was found not guilty of the charges, but was later found liable in a civil suit and ordered to pay $33 million to his deceased wife’s family.

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