Halima Abubakar Exposes Producers Who Demand To Sleep With Actresses

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has decided not to keep quiet over the excessive sexual harassment that comes from producers and directors when it comes to giving roles to actresses especially those who are desperate to get any role.

she said, “I have spent so many years in Nollywood having started as a child actor.Some of these producers still owe me money from way back and the reason why I haven’t bothered to go collect my money is because it will end in a hotel room; as though, ‘if you want your money, come to this or that hotel.’ They will all deny this though,” she quipped.

She doesn’t even like abortion “Abortion is wrong. That’s like committing murder. It’s a child in your stomach. If you cannot take care of a child, don’t get pregnant, don’t have s*x. Why should an unmarried person, say teenager even have s*x?,” adding “Why would one chose to waste someone’s life? People think it’s just a month or two months gone and conclude its still blood; but I tell you it’s a blood that begets the child, so it is a child. The child who would have become something in life is aborted by you. Tomorrow if you are married, nothing works for you or you are exceptionally broke, you should remember you killed a child.”

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