Woman Returns N1.8m Mistakenly Paid into Account Ends Up with a Query and Salary Suspension

Mrs Husseina Mohammed, a civil servant in Kogi state is shocked after she returned the sum of N1.8million accidentally paid into her account, and ended up with a query by the state government, with her salary suspended.

The State Auditor General, Alhaji Yusuf Okalareveaed that Mrs Mohammed misinformed the public that she had returned the money to the state treasury even when she did not received any alert to confirm such transactions.

According to Alhaji Okala, Mrs Mohammed only returned N1.6M on 3rd July, 2017, out of the N1.8M she claimed to have returned, saying “the information has caused confusion in the system”. As a result, he ‘brilliantly’ directed that her salary be put on hold over the discrepancy, barring her from speaking to the press or risk further punishment from the government.

“We are surprise that they are coming up with this at this time that the couple honourably returned money mistakenly paid into their account. The husband has not been paid for more than 15 Months yet they didn’t bother to withhold the huge sum of money despite the current hardship,” the source said.

“This family barely feed three square meal just because of the harsh economy and the non-payment of salary in kogi state. From what I know, they have been surviving through the wife even though the husband is also working with the state government.

“Are we supposed to blame them or blame the cashier? The government should also blame their personnel for this defect instead of suffering an innocent soul when she made the state proud. It is unfortunate that they are getting this at this time instead of being honoured for their honesty.”

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