I May Never Marry Nigerian—Wale Ojo

Star actor, Wale Ojo, has disclosed that he is unsure about having a Nigerian as his wife when he is ready to finally take the huge step.

Wale Ojo informed E24-7 in a recent interview that ladies are easily carried away by one’s fame rather than see the personality. Speaking on raising a family with a woman, the handsome actor said,

“It will be, but it’s as God decides. If it doesn’t happen that way, there’s nothing I can do about it. With the way things are going, I may end up not marrying a Nigerian woman.” The actor explained why he is not considering having a Nigerian lady as wife.

“You know how it is; you meet people every day. “Recently, I shot a movie in Senegal and I fell in love with Senegal. It’s a beautiful country with lovely people.

It’s a place I would love to go back to. So in my career, you meet different people and they will spin your life the other way. But yes, I would love to marry a Nigerian; it just hasn’t happened yet. If you have any options, please let me know.”

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