Anambra Girls Are Not Desperadoes — Actress Irene Ibekwe

Nollywood actress, Irene Ibekwe, is a proud native of Anambra State. There have been facts that have been used to label Anambra grils as desperadoes. However, Ibekwe has come out to defend our native women.

“It is not true that Anambra girls are desperadoes. We, Anambra girls are only independent and hardworking. If they say they love money I think that applies to everyone.

Every human being loves money, not only Anambrarians. Money is good, yes, but what happiness can one derive from marrying a rich guy who treats you like a slave? None, so I still insist that every single girl should pray to marry someone who will love and cherish them,” she said.

She has revealed the type of man that she wants to get married to “ I want a God-fearing man, someone who will see me as a sister, mother, baby, friend, lover and not a punching bag. I want someone I can be happy with me, with or without money” she quipped.

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